Private Art Classes

Megan Ashman's private art classes are a safe space to navigate emotions through art and receive a tranquil clarity. At Megan Ashman Gallery, art is not simply a distraction, but a thought process that mirrors the subconscious.

Private classes are $150 per 2-4 hour session, with high quality professional grade supplies included. Classes must be scheduled and paid for two weeks in advance.

Contact us to book a private art class at 717 - 897 - 5950

Because art is an emotion—one that flows through imaginations and swivels around all that was, is and will be, Megan Ashman’s classes will certainly not teach you how to make art, but how to unravel yourself through art.

Megan Ashman Gallery is not simply an art gallery, it is a solace, a community, a physical rendition of imaginations. Our classes do not teach, they inspire.

The workshops at Megan Ashman Art Gallery will allow you to learn about different artistic processes, get involved with your art community and go home with spectacular paintings! Allow your creative self room to experiment beyond the preconceived notion of what art is supposed to be.

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