“Every Artist was first an Amateur”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


When was the last time you stared at a blank canvas, enraged by the sparseness yet excited by the possibility? When was the last time your mind flowed through your hands, leaving all thoughts behind? When did you last sit and truly let go?

Let Megan Ashman’s Creativity Masterclass change that.




Because art is an emotion—one that flows through imaginations and swivels around all that was, is and will be, Megan Ashman’s workshops will certainly not teach you how to make art, but how to unravel yourself through art.

Megan Ashman Gallery not simply an art gallery, it is a solace, a community, a physical rendition of imaginations.

Our workshops do not teach, they inspire.

Each workshop has 3 sessions that move from the physical, to the introspective self and finally, into a figment of our collective artistry—

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them

Surrender/Submission/Concurrence (session 1)

The first day of the workshop is about understanding the process; (submitting/surrendering/concurring). Starting with 3 canvases, the first session covers the painting process, explores the limitlessness of creative surrender and helps the participants understand the physical material used.


The second day of the workshop has one focus; you (the self). Focusing on objects or imagery that stands out to you, the (Musings/Muses/Rumination) session evolves around what is important to you. Since we will focus on mixed media art, you pick out elements of your life that speak to you, and infuse those into your work. This day revolves around allowing yourself to feel and understanding how creative surrender can guide introspection.

Paint Cans


The last day of the workshop expands from your inner self and brings you to a community that has shared the same experience. On the final day, you will coat your object with resin and epoxy, finally recognizing yourself in the art. As all your peers sit around you, you interact with their growth and establish yours. You will not only name your work, but also analyze others’ and understand how the world views yours. The last session is spectacularly important since you allow others to become a part of your art.

The workshops at Megan Ashman Art Gallery will allow you to learn about different artistic processes, get involved with your art community and go home with 3 spectacular paintings! Allow your creative self room to experiment beyond the preconceived notion of what art is supposed to be.

Wine & Painting Night

Megan Ashman Gallery LLC 


144 N Prince St


Lancaster PA 17603