As your child begins to understand the world, its many functions and faults, there is one consistency they can always depend on, theirselves. As their hands busy themselves with free and unrestrained imagination, your child will understand the importance of their idiosyncrasies and engage with their peers in a healthy, supportive environment.


          The TrioWorkshops do not aim to teach children how to paint, but to allow them free expression. In an environment which cultivates ideas, emotions and dreams, your child will learn to accept their uniqueness and thrive in a community of young artists.


          As our little artists transcend on this journey, the 3 workshops are tailored to young minds. The focus of the first workshop is shedding the preconceived notions of what art is supposed to be. The young artist understands creative surrender and allows their thoughts to flow freely. The second workshop offers introspection, as the artist understands what inspires and stimulates their creativity, they learn to accept and appreciate their intuitions. The last workshop formulates a community where differences are celebrated, each young artist gets to interact with their peers and experience how differences in ideas can be beautiful.


          MeganAshman Art Gallery celebrates uniqueness and growth, with each workshop, your child will not only experience a supportive environment that catalyses overall growth, but also go home with 3 different pieces!