As a teenager sprouts into the tumultuous preamble of adulthood and responsibilities, they are charged with the task of navigating societies. In such time, a solace is detrimental for forming perceptions and growing mindsets. And what better solace than 3 blank canvases and a lifetime of imagination?


          The Trio Workshops’ ArTeens presents a safe space for adolescents, where art is not simply a distraction, but a thought process that mirrors the subconscious, allowing the artist to settle themselves mentally. The ArTeens workshop helps navigate emotions and receive a tranquil clarity.


          As the workshop begins, the artist will recognize to let go of control and allow their creativity to flow freely. Without having to reign or restrain their subconscious, a free flow of thoughts will clear their minds, enabling the brain to calmly exhale. With the second session, each artist has to understand what attracts them. Whether it be a small bracelet or an image, the artist learns to trust their intuition and fuse this object into their own work. The final session enables the piece(s) of art to finally have a form that is the fusion of artistic candidness, introspection and idiosyncrasies. As the artists sit together and analyze each other’s work, the realization of art as a tranquil thought process softly dawns.


          We understand that life can present itself in many forms, and some forms we have no control over. MeganAshman Art Gallery’s ArTeens workshop enables teens to understand that while the world outside is tempestuous, there is a place within that is calm—the blank canvas is a haven.