When was the last time you stared at a blank canvas, enraged by the sparseness yet excited by the possibility? When was the last time your mind flowed through your hands, leaving all thoughts behind? When did you last sit and truly let go?


          Empty your thoughts onto the canvas, take the brush swiftly across your canvas, let your eyes follow the glistening paint, go on, make some errors, paint around them, paint with them or paint over them. The canvas is yours, enjoy the freedom that comes with it.


          With the first session, unlearn social constraint and paint outside the lines, finally let go and allow your inner child to soar. After finding objects that will be fused into your work, the second session revisits desire and intuition. Whether a picture that calls to you, or an object that transcends materiality, this session elaborates on what your mind is attracted to. The last session helps reminisce. You ponder over the entire process, and analyze with your group how your work evolved with you and theirs with them.


          Adulthood comes up responsibilities, and often at the expense of our sanity. Come join us for our adults workshop and allow yourself some wonderful mistakes, we at the MeganAshman Art Gallery love them.